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 Post subject: "What's in Your Pack"
PostPosted: December 14th, 2014, 10:06 pm 
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I'm thinking about updating my packs as well as what I tote in them for certain types of hunt.

First off do you carry a back pack for that quick hunt on the back 40 and if so what size pack?
How about for the 1-3 spike camp, which pack?
Which pack for longer wilderness hunts?

Finally what is your packing list in detail for each size / type of hunt.


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PostPosted: December 15th, 2014, 12:31 pm 
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I have a few packs. My day pack is a Eberlestock X-2. I have used it on a few overnighters. I always take a pack on quick trips. To have snack, and other essentials.
My other two packs are The Outdoorsmans Optics pack, and a Tenzing CF13. I used my Outdoorsmans pack all this year, as I got the Tenzing later in the year. Got a smoking deal on it. I did use it on a few scouting trips but not for an extended pack.

A quick rundown of what I take on my trips are. Tent easton kilo2p, Sleeping bag Sierra Designs Zissou 12, Sleeping pad Thermarest prolite, Platypus gravity water filter, Primus Etaexpress also primus micron lantern.
Hope that helps!

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PostPosted: December 15th, 2014, 3:05 pm 
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It'd take me hours to go thru my various iterations since hunts I do are so varied between part day treestand deer; 3 day Hawaii walkabout; 5-8+ day sometimes dozens of miles carry everything with you sheep/goat; 8-12 day remote with stationary camp, etc.

When I plan a trip my first step on gear is to think back to the most similar hunt I did in the past and copy that list to a new WORD file and start adjusting as necessary.

For 1-3 day hunts have and use a larger Badlands daypack, maybe 2200? Is it the best one for what I need? No. But it works fine. Will comfortably carry a load but hard to get much volume in the pack.

For longer trips I use a Kifaru Longhunter but it is really too small for more than 5-6 days ad I struggle to get everything loaded. I love the pack beyond it being too small and isn't very water resistant.

But what is in my pack? I just may have to sort my gear and lay stuff out for a photo op!

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PostPosted: December 15th, 2014, 4:16 pm 

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Will take photos tonight.

Is it April yet?

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PostPosted: December 15th, 2014, 7:44 pm 
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I've gone to Mrs Asbell's wool purse for the back forty. I love what you can get in that thing and quietly fish it out when you need it.

I've done 8 day elk hunts in the X-2 and have also used it to pack out a bull. I'm very comfortable with about 50lbs in it. I found that when I used a bigger pack for heavier loads, I was slowed down so much, just didn't seem to provide any net advantage. I know I need a pack designed for heavier loads but the Kifaru's and such I've tried so far haven't fit me well.

Like SteveHo said, it would take me a while to gather all the pack list info by scenario.

Good thread.

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PostPosted: December 15th, 2014, 8:40 pm 

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I haven't done a hunt requiring more than a fanny pack since I lived in interior Alaska in the early 80's.
I do need a new fanny or day pack though, I have had my current fanny pack since 1991. I carry it on almost every whitetail or bear hunt I go on. In it I carry an extra bowstring, clippers, a hand saw, mini tripod, and sharpening steel in the secondary compartment.
In the main compartment I have my headlamp, a second flashlight, a small first aid kit, extra shooting glove, water, snacks or lunch if it is an all day trip, bow haul rope, bow hooks, and a compass.
This fanny pack also has tie down straps on the top, I use these to secure my outer jacket and vest on my walk into the stand.


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PostPosted: December 15th, 2014, 8:57 pm 

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I don't have a fraction of the experiences that many of our members do, but I figured I'd still post. If anything, I'll cover the neophyte point of view on the subject.
I picked up a fanny pack from a friend four years ago on a hunt in the southern portion of our state, and its been all I've used ever since. Not a fan of daypacks, as it always seems I have something that needs to be carried in with shoulder straps (climbing stand, ground blind, etc...). I wish I knew the maker, but I have found no labels. I really enjoy all the space it offers.
My "list" changes with the seasons or what I'm chasing, but the stripped down basics are as follows: folding saw, folding jackknife, 6-inch file, pruning shears, metal match, strike-anywhere matches dipped in clear nail polish, small bic lighter, a few cotton balls submerged in Vaseline, paracord, bankline, fine gauge wire, handful of zip loc baggies, pink surveyor tape, butterfly bandages, bandages, asprin, chapstick, duct tape wrapped around a pencil, DMT dual face diamond sharpener, unbreakable mirror, compass, space blanket, and a nifty little whistle I picked up at walmart that has a thermometer as well. All this fits in my pack while taking up little room, allowing me to add lunch, beverages, oxygen activated warmers, and assorted gear/calls for whatever I might chase. Gonna have to add an extra bowstring to the list after reading some of these great posts.

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PostPosted: December 15th, 2014, 9:44 pm 

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I had a kifaru longhunter that I never could get to fit right. I went with a tenzing 5000 with the following gear for elk. The Tenzing ripped and they sent me a new one.
I use a heater body suit pack for whitetails, it fits my suit, extra clothes, binos, etc.
After talking to Rob at the blackbeard island hunt, I have been looking into the exo pack.

Hilliberg Akto. Tent 3lb 12oz. 60
Western mountaineering Badger Sleeping bag 2lb. 8oz. 40oz
Thermarest Neo air. Mattress 14.875oz
Tenzing 5000 pack 7lbs
Jet boil. 15.375oz
Fuel 6.75oz
Fuel. 6.75oz
Tenkara. Fly rod 8.125oz
2 lighters/
Wet match. 4.375oz
Fennix flashlight with battery 4.75oz
Petzl. Headlamp 2.75oz
Batteries 6. Lithium 3.5oz
GPS. Garmen Oregon 6.25oz
Camera. 4.375oz
Bear bag for food 5.125oz
Platapus 4L gravity 9.5oz
Water bottle with inline filter 5.75oz
Rain gear. 11.875oz
Sitka pants. 21oz
Sitka trans shirt. 25.375oz
Sitka 90%. Jacket 23
Sitka kelvin. Jacket 23.25oz
Sitka Beanie. 1.625
Mountain house. Meals x8 40.125oz
Zone barsx8. 13oz
Hot choc. X8 10.375oz
Gatorade. X8. 11.25 oz
Eve. 16oz
Calls bugle 11.75oz
Calls 6.875oz
Arrow holder 19oz
Extra socks theolo
Havolon knife and blades 2.75oz
Kifaru Meat baggies 3.875oz
Wet wipes
Hiking Poles black diamond
Scent checker 1.125oz
Recurve or longbow
Extra rest material, spice in straws, olive oil

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PostPosted: December 15th, 2014, 10:03 pm 

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Good topic Rob! For a day pack I use a smaller (don't know the cubic inch) back pack and I always carry the following;
head lamp and an extra light
face mask
hand snips
folding saw
water bottle
a cliff bar, or power bar, etc...
bow hanger
spare tab
camera with a mini-tripod
compass and gps
I carry a pack of biodegradable wipes with me. Great for cleaning blood off your hands after field dressing as well as....other uses!


On overnight or back country trips, it really depends on what I'm hunting, weather, how long I'll be out. There are a couple of things I always have with me that I think are worth mentioning though.
I have a tarp that cabelas makes. It's a solid color on one side and shiny like a heat blanket on the other. It's about 6' X 8' and is great and has many uses. I run a floorless tent and use it as a liner under my bag, you can use it as a clean place to lay meat when butchering, it can be used as an emergency shelter. And I've even used it to wrap around my bag on cold nights. It folds up flat and isn't even noticeable in my pack, highly recommend it!

Another thing I like to carry is small water tight bags. You can pick them up at China-Mart (Walmart) for next to nothing. They are different colors and I put snacks in one color, stove, lighter, fuel, and other cooking stuff in another color, first aid stuff in another, etc.... You don't have to worry about your stuff getting we in a deluge, and it's easy to find things quickly.

One more thing, I ALWAYS carry extra batteries to power my hand held gameing device.......naw....don't own one.....just kidding.... :D

"The mountains are calling, and I must go". John Muir

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PostPosted: December 15th, 2014, 10:11 pm 
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just a morning or afternoon hunt....I use the wool haversack from Teresa Asbell...always carry a couple hand warmers, a compass, spare tab...and depending on area maybe some other things but usually not hunting more than a mile off road and usually just family property or nearby farm.

2-4 Badlands Sacrifice. It is what I use on any multi day hunts for deer or the PBS Hog Hunt with Jeff Holchin every year...and it is about maxed out if I truly carry everything in it. Bag, tent, spare socks, first aid, jet boil, dehydrated food, rain gear, stocking cap, fire starting supplies, machete/camp axe, extra knife, extra flashlight, chem light, survival blanket......last year I had two nalgene bottles on outside...and my hip waders on outside with quiver on one side and machete/kukri on other. Bow was hand carried....

I would like to get one for 4-7 days...maybe a Kifaru or an Osprey...the Osprey are very comfortable, well made and other than NOT being camo....dont know why more dont use them for heavy loads and long hikes as the alpine guys use them and carry almost the same type of gear. If you are not so anal you worry about blood on the bags....I think they are about perfect between form and function and also comfort...especially since you can get the waist belts and such custom molded to your body frame. That is one for a future hunt if I ever buy one.

For times I want or need to carry more than my haversack will hold....a day pack is the ticket. The one I have is worn out and looking at another Badlands or another brand that is quiet, roomy and narrow for bowhunting...found one but not sure if wifey is getting it for Christmas....I gave her a list of 10 things from $40-250 bucks...guessing she will pick in the $75-150 range. We shall see...the RECON or the ULTRADAY may be in my future for tree stands or a small day pack.

In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing. The worst thing you can do is nothing.
– Theodore Roosevelt

USAF (Retired)

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