PBS Helps Train Future Bowhunting Leaders

    It is obvious that the future of bowhunting lies in the hands of the next generation. Unfortunately, young adults have many demands on their time and have the opportunity to choose many pursuits besides bowhunting. In fact, numerous studies have shown that the age of the average hunter is increasing. Today's current hunters are not doing a good job of recruiting young adults into bowhunting. The PBS has recognized the problem and is looking for solutions. PBS wanted to establish a program to encourage and identify our future Bowhunting leaders. PBS members are encouraged to nominate young hunters who have shown a passion and dedication to bowhunting. These young adults must write an essay explaining what bowhunting means to them. Selected participants have all expenses paid for a hunt with other young hunters and their mentors. In the past 3 years the PBS has held 3 youth hunts with the purpose of identifying young adults who have the potential to be future leaders in the bowhunting community. These young hunters are placed in an environment where their leadership skills, ethics and overall love of bowhunting can flourish.

    The hunts have mainly taken place in Texas to this point. The young hunters typically hunt in the morning and evening and have seminars during the mid day. Topics including the history of bowhunting, sharpening broadheads, first aid and leadership skills are covered and discussed. The hunters are able to network with other youth who share their passion as well as the mentors. At a time when there are many activities competing for our young hunters' time this is a wonderful opportunity to immerse them in bowhunting. It is hoped that the participants will go home and share their passion with friends and classmates and introduce more young people to bowhunting.

   If you are passionate about bowhunting and want to help guarantee that the future of bowhunting is in good hands, please consider joining the PBS. It is made up of ethical dedicated bowhunters who want to do more than simply hunt. They want to protect their passion and ensure our future. The youth hunt is just one of many examples of how PBS members are making a difference to protect their sport. If this sounds like you please call or write for an application.

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