Doug Kerr Memorial Youth Leadership Hunt

Doug Kerr - The Man Behind the Youth Hunt

Speakers Bureau

The PBS has assembled a group of members who have graciously volunteered to speak at your function for the betterment of our way of life, and the PBS. Each speaker brings many years of experience that will both entertain and educate your group.

Members of the PBS Speaker's Bureau ...

Fred Asbell

Mark Baker

Monty Browning

Bryce Lambley

Mike Mitten

Gene Wensel

There is no fee for the speaker's services, but we do request as a minimum courtesy the following be provided:

1. All travel, lodging, and banquet expenses for the speaker and his spouse.

2. Any audio/visual equipment that the speaker may require.

Final arrangements will be between you and the speaker.

Please contact the PBS Home Office to request a speaker.

View the current PBS speaker bios (PDF file).

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