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It is the purpose of the Professional Bowhunters Society to be an organization whose membership consists only of persons who are considered Professional Bowhunters in ATTITUDE, and who vow:

  1. BulletThat by choice, bowhunting is their primary archery interest, and their ultimate aim and interest is the taking of wild game by bow and arrow of suitable weights in a humane and sportsmanlike manner;

  2. BulletTo share their experiences, knowledge and shooting skills;

  3. BulletTo be a conscientious bowhunter, promoting bowhunting by working to elevate its standards and the standards of those who practice the art of bowhunting;

  4. BulletTo provide training in safety, shooting and hunting techniques;

  5. BulletTo practice the wise use of our natural resources, the conservation of our wild game and the preservation of our natural habitat.

Associate Members receive these benefits:

  1. BulletA quarterly magazine, The Professional Bowhunter

  2. BulletUse of the PBS Information/Education Services

  3. BulletParticipation in PBS Programs

  4. BulletThe opportunity to defend the sport against anti-hunting forces

  5. BulletFree use of the lending library, including videos and books

PBS Associate Membership is just $36/annual*. *online fees include PayPal transaction cost. non-US membership is $41.00

Associate Membership annual renewal:

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Regular Membership annual renewal:
$72.00 (must be certified by PBS Council)

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Regular Membership annual renewal (Outside U.S.):
$82.00 (must be certified by PBS Council)

Regular Member Initiation fee: $26.00

Life Membership:
$1530.00 (must be a Qualified/Regular Member in good standing)

*online fees include PayPal transaction cost

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