For nearly half a century, the Professional Bowhunters Society has been at the forefront in the perpetuation of bowhunting. No other single organization has contributed as much in time, effort, and resources in defending bowhunters and bowhunting.

    The Professional Bowhunters Society is an organization of experienced bowhunters. Its format and foundation is one based on leadership and "knowledge through experience." The P.B.S. is dedicated to the advancement and preservation of bowhunting as a major outdoor sport. The P.B.S. encourages the development of skill in bowhunting as well as the exchange of knowledge between bowhunters. The organization is dedicated to the belief that more personal satisfaction is derived from skilled hunting techniques and that bowhunters have a responsibility for efficiency in their sport and must use equipment adequate to do so. But foremost, it is the brotherhood of most of the best bowhunters in the world. We have chosen our standards, met and faced the challenge. We are not discriminatory but selective in our membership. We feel everyone is not cut out to be a bowhunter. We feel personal satisfaction in our sport must be measured in direct relation to the degree of challenge involved. Satisfaction lies in the hunting more than the shooting.

    Many people ask why the word "Professional" in the organization's title. To some it means P.B.S. members bowhunt for a living. Some have said it makes members sound like "hired killers." Both of these assumptions are wrong. The term "Professional" in the name denotes professionalism in both attitude and skill, synonymous in the manner a professional pertains to a profession. If you feel this description fits you, we invite you to join us?


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